JTheGodIs striving artist fund

As an independent do-it-yourself artist and entrepreneur, I depend on the contributions of those that believe in my talent and mission, to accomplish my goals. On this page, you can find several ways to help me continue thrive as an artist in a capitalist world. There are only so many grants, fellowships, and residencies available out here. So i look to you, my faithful following, friends, and fans to support the work I do.

Whether you have liked my writings, performances, visual art or events I’ve produced; I encourage you to show your support by helping out any way you can. The Striving Artist Fund is an ongoing fundraising campaign fueled by your monetary support. You may purchase my paintings or film photography prints, purchase custom earrings,  purchase a copy of the Art LovHer mixtape, offer me a gig singing or poeting stuff, or just donate money. Its your choice..

Please know whatever choice you make, even if it’s to simply share my work with others, I deeply appreciate it. Your encouragement and support in my artistic growth has been a driving force behind my focus. I thank you from the depths of my soul.


❤ & Art

J TheGodIs


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