We [women]

 We [women] would tell ourselves it’s not that deep; 

Except usually it is. 

When a mans actions are nothing different than all others a woman encounters. 

I call it “every other nigga syndrome” – when he think he special with his sweet words and empty promises of tomorrow, a day that never comes… 

And we [women] abandon our better judgement for a moment of pleasure, multiple voicemails echo regret that. She ever let herself believe she would ever be more than just a body to a man.

We [women] be remind in every interaction that pussy will always drive men not employ an arsenal of tactics in their pursuit of it.

An we [women] I’m pursuit of what it feels like to be loved by someone other than ourselves,  let our guard down… Give in to our illusions, satisfy our baser instincts,  let lust wash over us like a tidal wave.. 

We [women] be the beach after a storm, same as we were yet somehow changed. 


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