12.29 musings


(you know who you are)

By now I am beginning to think you know who I am too. 

I’m last certain that you had no idea that almost two years later we would still be at it like this. 

Still be a tangle of brown bodies engaged in teaching pleasure to each other , like we ain’t never loved like this before. And make no mistake, this is indeed love.

Maybe not the cookie cutter, going steady, intentional kind. We ain’t got time for that type of love and I got no interest in breaking or birthing another heart [unintentionally].

This still be love. It be that messy, sweaty, sticks to your cheeks, nectar as lip balm and I still want to kiss you type of love. The lets switch positions without disconnecting from each other, and then fall asleep resembling tree roots and wake up still wrapped in the limbs of each other type of love. That type where I still see you clearly in the dark, let you hold, tie, restrain, choke, spank, blind, lick, touch, & tease the taste of me till I can’t  wait to be swallowed whole by you. 

This is indeed love. It’s that we don’t need to speak too many words when we’re together, just allow hands to always find a way to touch bodies, we don’t have to put shit out on social media for commentary, dontgivetwo fucks about the opinions of others,I’m still going to see you as often as I can anyway, even if it means I’m riding the train for an hour and a half because you stayed up to wait for me, greet me at sunrise with kisses at your door type of love. 

Truth be told,if it weren’t for Mirena, this could be a wreck less, hell yes I’m keeping this baby and we gonna work it out type of love. Thank the gods for small favors and common sense, and experience and a jaded heart that you somehow cracked through without trying. 

This poem isn’t trying to tell you anything, except that I love you in this same way that you love me. Pure, unintentional, passionate, accepting, fluidly, trusting, openly, honestly, when  we both happen to have the time. So until next time,please accept my gratitude. 


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