Where I been? And questions of that nature… [Part 1]


[insert emoticon here]

They jump with smiles and hugs and such love everywhere I go.. I’m greeted with such love and DAMN!! Do I love it! It’s good to be home..

But there, so far away from my home, where not one knew me, except through story and rumor.. internet searches yielding little to quench their thirst; They too greeted me with hugs.. with smiles.. and with love…

The answer I speak boils down to sun

and melanin..

And who has more.. or whatever that means..

I’m questioning my blackness, like is it too much? not enough? Is it them is it me?

I’ve decided I’m just jetlagged and busy.

Not unlike billionaires…

Like yes I just stepped off a plane and wake up to do a reading of my upcoming book and then attend a backyard hip hop hoot, pass through a reggae black pride art party to lay at home in love. sleep and wake up ready for another busy day.

So where I been? I been busy..



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