i purposely play the hood rat
pull out my ratchet
let my tongue click clack
drop stoopid bitch niggahs
on they knick knacks
they reach aint long enough to slap box with the god-ess
cause god is
what controls this flow
knowledge of self is never ending
an everyday process
i let process eclipse me
release stress
or arm myself in defense
cause I
always gotta be ready for war
dressed to kill
with neurologic precision
I decimate dirt mites
they get all dressed up
just to fall the fuck back
face facts
i’m more man than they will every be
cause every man understand
what happens when you put my cubs in jeopardy
make me show my claws
you gon’ end up in a drawer.
and i’m done.

(c)(p) J TheGodIs 2015 #bars (video to come)


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