Holding the pen

As a budding writer and poet of performance, the parallels between theater and life are blatantly clear. The world we live is in a constant attempt to make sense of who you are.

On a stage, we at least get clear direction of the image and perception being portraying. We can be confident that the performance is not all of who we are. (particularly helps with hard topics) Us poets, are particularly confident that a particular poem is not all of who we are. If we are  good, the audience gets a glimpse of a life. They leave with an understanding of the character we are playing.

Life is the same. Except there is no script that everyone can follow along to for understanding of who we are as individual. What script we read from is completely up to us. The problem is, we’re not all reading from the same script. Even when we are, we’re not all on the same page. Which gives the individual two choices: play the role given to you or write your own script.

I choose to write my own script. I choose to hold the pen.

April is national poetry month. Art LovHer will be featuring you, the poet. Sign up for the open stage and tell your story. How ever you tell your story, we are listening.


Friday April 3rd @9pm Wow Cafe Theater 59-61 East 4th Street Bet. Bowery & 2nd Ave $7 Open Stage/RSVP $10 door



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