electric ladies and classic men

This morning, I came across an interview that Janelle Monae and her new artist, Jidenna, gave on The Breakfast Club. Entering my shower this morning, their words poured over me with the water. Something in my spirit was sparked. I had to take an extra hour to myself just to listen again. There were so many gems in tis interview that brought up thoughts I have had myself when thinking about Art LovHer.


While Art LovHer is not on the same level as Wonderland, but one day we could be. One day someone could take notice on what we (and many other independent artists) have been creating and be willing to fund that.  And then what will we be about? I’m driven to still be about the same intention of community independence as when I drove an empty bandwagon.

Its the intention that will make us successful. And its necessary. We’re at a turning point in society where we need to support each other. We, grown ups, need to show up for our black & brown youth while we can still impact their choices. We have an opportunity to tech our children how to make better choices than we were taught on everything from self-esteem to financial empowerment to food health. So how does that connect to this interview? The idea behind the “classic man” and “electric lady”(mentioned in another interview with Janelle Monae) The classic man as Jidenna calls it is not a concept that applies to one’s look but to one’s demeanor. The way in which one carries themselves no matter what they are wearing. In my exploration of black feminism,  I’m constantly entering into conversations of respectability. The politics of which is still very grey. Many believe that women only deserve the respect they dress for. Others, of which I am one, believe that women (an all people) deserve respect because they exist. The classic man/electric lady lifestyle, as i understand it,  is one of which we are human beings with integrity and compassion for ourselves and fellow human being. One in which elders step in to protect our youth. Individuals are always conscious of the collective good and their contribution to it. One in which each of us working towards our 10,000 hours is doing it because self-improvement allows us to develop talents and skills that maintain the whole of our community.

Art LovHer still has miles to go before it grows to the place where Wonderland is, but I am grateful they are there for the guidance and inspiration.

Thanks to the universe for this moment of enlightenment. Check out the interview below:


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