the saddest thing

about her,

is that she thought you were worth something.


She thought

you were one of the good ones.

Even when you proved all her friends right.

When you showed your ass,

as the only place for her to lay her kisses,

she loved you more.

fought for you harder.

ran faster in hopes of catching up with that dream,

of family.

and love.

and legacy with you.


but she,

was too much

or not enough or maybe you had had enough

or she was much more than you had bargained for

thought she’d stay your bottom b*tch

even after your itch had subsided

she kept her nails well manicured if ever you needed some scratch


because she love you,

when you turned your back

she turned a cheek,

relishing in the sting of the pain,

finding her way free in the submission.

she would willingly leave herself open.


for you to pillage.


you who always wants the world for a dollar,

without a nickle to his name.


bottom of the barrel

crab ass monkey boy

peter pan

still ain’t never grow up

you lost boy

black boy

still baby-faced when you shave.

she loved you when you shaved.

said your jawline reminded her of the constellations

that still hold her childhood wishes,

which is probably why,

no matter how hard she tried

she couldn’t ever fix her mouth to say no.

unable to admit when she didn’t want it,

couldn’t take it,

or deserved better.

i’m glad she’s finally realizing she deserves better

than she’s been accepting,

from you.

(c)(p) 2015 Joi Sanchez


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