advice of the outed

she’s your mama,

so believe me  when i say she’s been here and done it


my mom

didn’t understand a lot about me

when i was outed to her but,


with time

and patience

and love,

so much love,

now she does.

or at least pretends to



they’re never going to get it.

and they don’t need to.

all they need to do is still love you.

so maybe


you don’t bring up details

of what you did last night

on the drive home from the airport

you make small talk

put on michael jackson,

you still love mj

and dance around

why you didn’t bring your lover home for the holidays.

Instead when you visit

you recreate high school

holing yourself up in the guest bedroom

on the phone.

giggling like once upon a time.

when she feels out the loop

and starts to be embarrassing

rush off the phone

and don’t explain why you couldn’t wait two more days

to have the phone call in person

because  you did come to visit her.

apologize for wasting your little bit of time together.

let her pick the movie,

finish cooking the mac & cheese she loves

the only thing she never taught you to make

other than this strange love you like

(c)(p) 2015 Joi Sanchez/J TheGodIs all rights reserved


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