#MCM Ohene Cornelius

I first met Ohene Cornelius 4 years ago on a hot July day., Brooklyn Wildlife was throwing their 1st 4th of July bbq party. He was performing with another amazing musician, Chaz Van Queen. When I first met him, I thought he was arrogant and self-centered. Little did I know that within a year, he’d be the first to believe in my talent.  What I didn’t know at the time, was how immensely talented this man is and dedicated he is to his to his craft. I should have known from the company he kept, but in honesty I didn’t know them very well either.

Fast forward a year of artistic growth and development, I receive a text late in the evening from Ohene “come thru to the studio tonight”. At first I was puzzled, then excited, finally nervous. Its about 10:30pm and I’m walking through a desolate part of Williamsburg that resembles the opening credits of a Law & Order episode. The anticipation of the gong-gong replaces my heartbeat, quickening my steps to the tiny far off studio. I find multi-media artist Keebs in the studio, Ohene in the booth creating the drum beat. He sees me and nods for a pause. In true Ohene style, he pops open a bottle of white wine (pino grigio) when I ask him why he summoned me. “Oh, you’re gonna sing on my album” Shocked, I am speechless. Wasting no time, he fills his cup and pops back into the booth, leaving me with nothing more than a “start writing”.

Three hours and a large bottle of wine later, “French Champagne” was complete. I had helped to write my first verse and hook for a song. I was on someone’s album. I was just a little bit closer to being who I wanted to be. Most of all, I had learned a valuable lesson; never judge a person by their persona. You never know who is watching you.

Have a peak at the acoustic version of what we created:

video shot by Christoph Carr, Eat The Cake NYC

Ohene Cornelius’ ‘American’ Idle is available NOW on ITunes. Stay tuned for his forthcoming album ‘The Late Bloomer’


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