We’ve gotten off on a good foot
Let’s keep things as they are

Journey onward
Companion by your side
makes two feel like a crowd

Journey onward
To lost friendship shows
on hiatus

don’t it feel so good

sorry I missed you.
new year blessings
under winter 3/4 moons
see you soon
we must

Journey onward

Steel horses carry us
cross paths with supah human he
is confirming crazy man
is just crazy I nah know he..
Let us

Journey onward

Flush faced we strip in hallways
spread love is the bk way
and our love is wild
turned up to 100
hip hop on house beats
double bump freestyles

turn to reggae swirling hips
on hot dance floors
sweaty syrup licks off skin
we sparkle in the dark
picture perfect
MMM five minute photo shoots
eating treats
he snaps
she pops and locks
her curves
distorting all self image
stretched beyond boundaries
into canvas…
No paint __________

Let us journey onward

@j_thegodis (c)(p)2015



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