6. Indulgence

Olfactory glands are the first to respond
ears perking make dogs out of men
when scent translates
into temptation
With no hesitation
she plays the role of patient
when leaf is crumbled
between thumb and pointer
a forest piling on her lap

I did have something to do today
but for the love of me
it no longer seems
as important as the sweet voice luring me
into the smoke filled room

Doom is handed over with care
elegantly wrapped in
browns of sepia and maple,
lightly dabbed in vanilla
she is an exquisite sacrifice for the fire
Taking it like a champ
her plume grows
in a dance moving hand to hand
under the summer sky
we are entranced

-J TheGodIs
(C)(P) Joi Sanchez 2014 all rights reserved


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