5. Rave about anything

Don’t speculate
ask me exactly
what I mean when I say ILBB
I love being black
for no other skin ranges
so widely in variety
we enhance the tones of any progeny
while they like to act like they don’t rock with us
everybody know they burnin
just to be brown like us
passing off their orange as the new black
but we ain’t never go no where
so no need for a come back
Anytime we leave them behind
they assume the ace been up our sleeves this whole time
it’s why my peoples
rock the ill head wraps
in all the beautiful colors and fabrics
we gotta protect our magic
our dialects as random and rich as Alabama red mud
our intellects deeper then
those oceans where they tried to drown us
but we kept on surviving
passing on our traditions
and thriving
overcoming all obstacles put in our path
we excel despite the formulas applied to projects
Those concocted imbalanced equations
we been mastered that math
as far as I can see
it all just adds
up to some haters being mad
that they ain’t us
our momma trained us
To recycle that shit
and give love back
man oh man
How I love being black

-J TheGodIs
(C)(P) 2014 Joi Sanchez all rights reserved


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