4. Rant about something

I look at the kids today
talking bout they got no fucks to give
and it makes me wonder
what’s in store for them
in this precarious life
they will have to live

These first world
generation z
who have always had very thing
they’ve ever needed
only complaining cause they can’t get what they want kids
barely making it past the threshold of twenty five kids
clubbing out of control kids
these I want to rock Jordan’s but refuse to get a job kids wanna spend their whole lives learning but not taking anything in kids your
debt got them pinned to a mortgage just to get an education
yet stay chasin paper kids
working 2 jobs 6 days a week
swearing they not weak
but no longer fight the fair one
it seems
everyone’s got a gun these days
and they wonder why we have become targets why young women cast themselves as harlots
Young men aspiring no higher then their belt buckles.
But I guess when
you believe you started at the bottom
living on your knees is progress
too bad it’s all nonsense
no amount of cents amassed will ever cure that ignorance


Talking bout
You got no fucks to give
how are you already out,
when your life is only beginning?

Really, I’m not surprised
talking bout YOLO
shows how much
they don’t know
this life may be the only one you got
but it’s not the only one you’ve ever had
you need to transcend
this madness
re-member into community
be the bridge not the bomb
Fighting for peace will never bring unity

This world is not new to we
We been here before
learn a lessons now
realize kings and queens only bow to one another
we never bend to society’s binaries
ancestors hid history in plain sight
so everything is known
when you open your eye
and find your way back home.

-J TheGodIs
(C)(P) Joi Sanchez 2014 all rights reserved


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