April 30/30 Challenge – Poem 30

Until this moment I didn’t get it,
I sometimes had the tendency to sweat the small stuff,
and make small the stuff that makes me sweat, it is no small thing to untie the ropes that bind us to believe
that we must fit into one category,
that you must be what the perception of the real minority dictates you to be
I had it backwards
I shouldn’t have been holding back words that would free me,
deem me worthy of this life I cherish
I would rather perish trying to accomplish the impossible
then never doing a damn thing to make sure it’s possible
my son and daughter have a future that is truly equitable,
It’s an endless pursuit.
Struggles don’t magically disappear
because one day a black man in a suit is made president,
especially when his presence doesn’t seem to
make a dent in an oppressed establishment.
These American capitalist have it figured out,
assigning price tags to every baby that makes it out the womb,
mapping you out our steps from our first breath to the tombs
or to the tomb,
i know more then a few that been the victims of these predetermined dooms,
and we are doomed if we keep allowing ourselves to play victim to these lies in our vision.
Fuck owning a television,
getting hyped up over reality tv
I’m rewriting my story in real life,
in real time,
it’s more then a struggle just written on line
or fought online,
With Facebook gangstas without pause
label themselves rebels
but they are without cause,
while my re-evolution continues without pause,
we stay building,
extending hands in friendship and solidarity,
I don’t need folks follow me to know I’m a leader,
your likes only co-sign what I already know to be true,
that without unity we will keep living this free-doom,
the repetition of his-story,
when he ain’t ever do anything for me but plant seeds, thanks-fully,
this air is free,
and so is growth if you choose it.
I will be here when ever you are ready.



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