Introducing Kiddie Cabaret!!

Introducing Kiddie Cabaret!!!

Beginning June 30th, and continuing monthly on the last sunday of every month through Dec 2013 from 2-5pm at he WOW Cafe Theater.
Kiddie Cabaret is a monthly work/play shop for children ages 4-8 (and their parents) introducing them to the wonder of theater through storytelling. Each session focus is on telling a story through a different art form. Sessions begin with a condensed  lesson in a particular art form (like folk/cultural dance, playwriting, etc). then transition into workshop time for groups to create a 3-5 minute performance from the lesson, and ends with groups presenting their creation to the larger group.  Parents are encouraged to attend & participate in each session. $15 fee covers 1 child & up to 2 children per session, $10/$7 per adult/child entry*
Sunday June 30th: Introduction to Theater. What is a play? Exploring playwriting with the multi-talented Pearl Taylor.

  Pearl Taylor is thrilled to become a part of Kiddie Cabaret! With a background in Children’s Theatre, Musical theatre and film and television. She’s a brooklyn-based actress with credits including Brett and the City and NBC’s Deception, and currently creating a series of children’s programing designed for her niece and nephews. Image

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