Art Lov(h)er Poetic mics

Art Lov(h)er Poetic mics

“Art Lov(h)er began as a resolution
grew into a revolution without bounds
in my sleep my sould seemed
to conspire with the universe
Together they deemed my hurt worthy of reward
I’ve never been more complete to find purpose and love meet
they gave me a stage to let souls speak
and together re-write history.
Because I woalk this earth as apart of a we
Art is where we’ll find the key.
It is our light, It is our truth
Its the soil in which we take root
are nourished
and flourish into humanity”

Art Lov(h)er Poetic Series is a collaboration between Plugs Media Lounge and JeSansChez to bring artists of all genres together. Its is only through collaboration with one another that people will make a change in the world.
To do that JeSansChez creates safe artist spaces for us to commune & connect with one another. Art Lov(h)er is a a biweekly series of Poetic & Musical Mics.
With the following intentions:
-To bring artists together in a non-tradional, unpetentious networking sense, increasing & encouraging visibility & collaboration among artists of color.

-To create a judgement free safe art zone for anyone to express their truth in. Art is healing, and is what binds us as a people/culture. I use my art to heal old wounds and address the wounds of our culture. Hopefully in this space we can help one another grow. Everyone I invite to be featured has a strong voice that needs to be in our his/herstory.

-Tradionally diasporic cultures have passed down histories orally; through stories, songs, and spoken word/poetry. The intimate atmosphere allows us to reveal our truths without fear and pass our histories on. The crowd, though intimate, is powerful.

-To provide performance space for emerging (or established) artists to workshop their performance pieces. In every show there are 4 featured performers with 15 min sets, followed by an open mic, in which 10-5 minute spots are available. You can do what ever you’d like with your time. You can say pieces until your time runs out, or say one piece and use the remainder of your time in conversation with the audience. Its really up to you. I see Art Lov(h)er as an evolving workshop. Eventually I will be adding in acoustic musicians and a conversation element to facilitate the exchange of ideas on how we can cause/effect real social change as individuals. We’ll also be adding live musicians to enhance the evenings open cypher jam sessions in January 2013.

-Lastly Art Lov(h)er is my contribution to the collective shift of consciousness taking place in the world. This space was inspired by a fellow poet who sowed seeds of collaboration and not competition amongst artists, particularly within colored communities. I wish to continue her mantra into 2013.
Beginning Thursday, December 6th, continuing throughout 2013, Art Lov(h)er is a space for you to come “get plugged in” with fellow artists & be apart of a movement… Changing the world through art.

Come out and enjoy some of the dopest spoken word, poetry, and musical artists every other Thursday at Plugs Media Lounge. Get inspired & share your truth on the mic!




*******we are always looking for featured poets & acoustic musicians. Send samples/links to**********


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