Fashion + ART = ARTiquette [event photography]

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In the words of the creators:

“Brooklyn has and will always be the creative Mecca. We are the birthplace of artists
such as Basqiuat, poets, writers and stylists such as Woody Allen, Mina Stone, and
Suzanne Rae. Often when word of Brooklyn artists is spoken names such as Biggie, Jay
and Foxy are thrown around; As much as we appreciate recognition, we are more than
that form of expression. However, during the recent years we are only looked at for our
gentrification based renovations and access to the city. We are more than that stepping
stone. We are a culture distinct unto our own and Brooklyn’s contributions to current
trends in fashion, music, and art are often overlooked.

The vision for this event is to create a space where Brooklyn based artists can network,
express their art and create an opportunity to gain awareness and well-deserved
recognition for Brooklyn inspired artistic movement.

Artiquette is the antithesis of the definition that it implies. It is the beginning of us setting
the tone for the cultural convention. This is the place to redefine the norm. We are in the
process of challenging and broadening the rigid lines of fashion and Meatpacking district
art. We are beyond credentials. We truly believe that creativity exists outside the realm of
5th Avenue.

We seek to collaborate with a number of designers and artists that capture and set
current trends in fashion specifically for the upcoming fall season. We are determined
to prove that out of the box painters, true DJs, visual, graffiti and visual performers with
captivating spirits make Brooklyn the threshold.

Artiquette is a collaboration event between MOMENTUM INC, a primarily fashion
based production company, and Brooklyn Artistry & Company (BACo.,) an artist and
fashion collective, will be handling the front lines.”

Personally, I say mission accomplished! I had the privileged to be one of the featured artists showing their work in the gallery, as well as vend my custom earrings at this event. I must say, it was truly an amazing evening. From the networking to the fashions, to the food; there was nay detail that was not considered. If you missed it, I’m so sorry. But you can catch the art from the night at the Kalahari Gallery through the month of October 2012.


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