Did you know I’m a poet? Don’t believe me.. check, check me ooooouuuutt!


Recently I had the pleasure and privilege to be the stage manager for a show called Vivesection by  the Re-writes of Passage Ensemble. It was a stunning, moving, and at times comic look at how women, particularly black women, are dissected, stereotyped, and scrutinized in out society every day. The show closed with powerful statements from each of the 5 women performing in the show. Each claiming their power through a “womanifesta”. So inspired by them, I began writing a womanifesta of my own.


I feel as if this will be the first of  a series of womanifestas that I will be writing. In this last year of my 20’s I am coming to the conclusion that a big part of my life’s path is to do something to enlighten & empower the next generation of women coming up. Despite a lack of formal education, I recognize that I have wisdom and experiences to offer. I know too well how much of a difference a positive voice can make. So I hope this poem (and essentially the series) will be a stepping stone in that direction.. Beginning at home with my own daughter, whom I often write for and/or about and spreading like wildfire.


I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading (and/or sharing)



This is a womanifesta 


because I am more then the sum of my parts

because some of my parts cause malfunctions to the thinking process

and others don’t process respect  as a right I was born with

when the temperature reaches 75 or higher

any exposed flesh on city streets

increases the catcalls of desire

As if they never had a mother, sister, aunt, or daughter

because  a Full sized real live grown woman wasn’t made to contort to fit into catagories.

I crush the.boxes and check society every chance I get 

too few and far between is courtesy contagious 

and I…

 I am fed up, angry/agitated/ aggravated

because I don’t eat enough to fuel the rational thought required to respond to ignorance and bigotry

I am not worthless because of your opinion of me

i am not a real housewife nor will i ever be

i am a sophisticated, intelligent, ambitious female, 

something like a lady

only more driven & determined to accomplish my dreams

no matter what the costs may be

i walk the line of self-destruction

some  say i’m uncivilized

cause i don’t love like Lucy

won’t leave shit to beaver

I’m ever empowered and eager

to take care of it on my own

I’m not the damsel in distress

i don’t need to be saved

so leave me the fuck alone

stop yelling at me from a distance

or telling my back how beautiful it is

man up & talk to my face

that is/if you can find it

if you want to speak to me

i’m not addressing all men just these assholes in society

like evangelical republicans insisting on propriety


I have bigger concerns then whether our head of state is a citizen

like the state of the city i reside in

but I digress

I don’t make my ass clap for

these dollars I work harder then the pole you wish I’d straddle

Buckle up its gonna be a bumpy ride

if you think i’m angry now

honey you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The wrath if a woman scorned aint got shit

on a woman torn/shredded to pieces by mixed media signals, stereotypes & cultural expectations.

heir apparent to a living legacy of food paranoia  &, excessive exercise,

just to go down a size

because invisible is the new black.


This is a fury of a 29 year gestation

learning to conquer glass ceilings and fear

makes for an easy birth to confidence. 

Like breathing

I gladly strut my curvature on city streets,

bouncing my booty to my ipods beat,

proving true that the most awesome women have curves & tattoos!

We write our stories in symbol & song verse

, regurgitating our hurt for the broken hearted girls to learn from.

Letting  them know how amazing it feels to be your own shero,

that your worth cannot be weighed by the width of your waist or your weight.

and if you just wait

i promise it gets better

so drop the measuring tape,

eat that 3rd slice of pizza,

 erase the rules & write in your own.

Above all that the hold your head high

and be bold

be you

hold tight to your truth

become the most interesting person you’ve ever met

because the herstory you leave behind is important

and its waiting to be read.



-Love & Light



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