Sticky/Sweet [Rivers of Honey bbq]

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It’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by so many lovely ladies. Last night’s River’s of Honey party, hosted at the Black Woman’s Blueprint museum home was just what the doctor ordered after a long, hot, stressful week.

I had the pleasure of serving as grill master, making up delicious vegetarian shish kabob recipe (which I will happily share below), grilling corn, hamburgers, hot dogs, pork on a stick, turkey burgers, & chicken. Full bar available for party goers and of course the dopest dj in NYC, DJ Zena. As hot as that sun was, it was cool inside the house, where the music echoed through the halls filling us all with good feelings inside and out.

Once the sun went down, it was old school bbq time, complete with Jenga & Spades being played out back. Old hits blending with new one provided the perfect atmosphere for old friends to catch up, and new ones to get acquainted. Oh yes & to dance. Overall a lovely time for the grown & sexy.

I can’t wait until the next one!

Vegetarian shish kabobs:

1 eggplant chopped into 1/4″ pieces

3 squash chopped into 1/4″ slices at least

2 red/gree/yellow pepper (preferably the sweet ones) cut into 1/4″ squares

approx. 1 cup olive oil

sea salt & ground pepper to taste

2 limes quartered

Once all the veggies are chopped, mix them in a giant mixing bowl. Alternate drizzling olive oil, sea salt, pepper, & lime over as you toss the around in the bowl. Allow veggies to sit in mixture for at least 5-10 mins before putting onto skewer. This way the veggies can soak up the flavors of the seasoning s & olive oil. For an extra kick add cayenne pepper to the mixture process.

Once on a skewer, sit in fridge until ready to grill. Grill on upper level of grill, not directly on fire, for best results. Allow to grill approximately 20-25 minutes, flipping occasionally.  For some extra tang, sprinkle some lime juice over it when cooling down. Serve & Enjoy!

*This is also a great recipe if you want to kabob a chunkier fish like salmon or tuna.


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