No Sleep Till Brooklyn…

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Its always a pleasure to have reason to stomp around my hone grounds of Brooklyn. How can I even begin to describe the energy of the events this weekend. Amazing, fantastic, supercalafragalisticexpialadocious good time, doesn’t even begin to explain the explosiveness that was this weekend.

Starting Friday in Bushwick at the Brooklyn Wildlife  Brazillian themed Coco/Mango Congo dance party. Performance provided by WATERCOLOR, TYQUAN SOUNDS, QUE CEE, SEKU GREY, MASSAGE CLUB, GABRIELA RASSI, L@tÍn JUICE – KH@MELEON PRODUCTIONS, POLO, HUSE – with special guest.. TYREE MARK, BLACK BOBBY, DJ KEITH EDWARD as well as a few other guests that I didn’t catch the name of. Brilliant music mixed with an affordable bar, pool table, body painting, etc. made for the beginning of an unforgettable night.

Outside checking my messages, I get a text from a friend I’ve been missing on every planned night out “come to 10 java street, its crazy over here”. Not really knowing where that is, I mentally make an effort to find out just as Chaz Van Queen is attempting to get a cab to the same place. A deal is struck, we will split a cab over. [And away we go. BTW, for those who don’t know Chaz’s music, CHECK HIM OUT HERE —->( He’s a great artist in the making with a steady head on his shoulders. Support the brother, he’s doing good things.]

Next stop is Greenpoint. A nice sized loft/house on the waterfront. While waiting on line for the bathroom,  through the window I can observe a backyard full of people. All types of people. Its beautiful to hear the dj spinning a mix of old & new, and watch as  bodies sway in the summer nights air.   I later find out that the party I am at is an album release for artist Nyle vs The Naysayers ( All I can say is amazing. The music, the people, the atmosphere, and the fact that there were amazing masques being given out by the custom mask makers Masqque ( Check em out, they are phenomenal!

On the trek to the train in the wee hours of the morning, I decided against taking the silver mannequin legs  with me home, but not until she struck a pose.


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