These Hands

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Earlier in the summer, I volunteered my services to make an art scape for an upcoming show at the theater, Wow, that I am a member of . I was asked to incorporated themes of summertime, love, happiness, and celebrating life. So I decided to do a photo essay on hands.  Over the last three weeks I have become obsessed with capturing all the interesting things we do with are hans that we often take for granted. There is beauty in the everyday things we do.

For instance, Henna, to some is a ritualistic form of protection and healing. To others it is nearly for decoration. To me it is beautiful.  There is Stacey Blu, a good friend  and small business owner from Buswick Brooklyn. Her hands tell the story of how busy we become in our day to day. Sometimes tangled in the tasks we mist accomplish. In another moment, I captured the crafting hands of an elder whittling a staff on the corner of Broadway & Halsey in Brooklyn. He so graciously allowed me to photograph a practice I have often been told is sacred. Finally in this preview set are the hands of an older gentleman, also an elder. I passed him begin on the corner of 33rd st & 6th ave. His cane in one hand and his cup in the other. His story of not receiving enough aid to feed himself melted my heart at the growing plight of the seniors in our society. Many life check to check like him, too old for a side hustle. And yet there is beauty in his hands, his story is universal.

This has been a preview of the final product. Stay tuned for the full presentation coming next month in July.

Love & Light



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